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Three Reasons Why You'll Love Training With Us

Expert Advice on How to Build a Routine

Our goal is to teach you how to take better care of your overall physical and mental health, fitness and wellbeing so you can create new healthier habits and build a life-changing routine that will last not just for a few weeks or months but for the coming years and beyond.

Motivation & Accountability Boost

One of the most challenging things about health and fitness is maintaining consistency and motivation. At Conte Health and Fitness we are experts at providing the direction and accountability you need to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals.

Sustainable & Long-lasting Results

We do NOT provide quick-fix or short-term solutions as we know how frustrating it is to not being able to maintain a plan that is highly demanding and compromise the results that you worked so hard for. Instead, by teaching you how to build a new healthier routine and helping you to adhere to it we ensure sustainable results that are achieved in a healthy way so you feel better, look better, move better and are more confident!

Your Pathway to Transform Your Body & Mind and Take Back Control of Your Health & Fitness

Book a Chat and Come & See Us

Book your free consultation, come to meet us in person and tell us more about your personal goals. We will then help you discover which programme & service is right for you and how you will succeed in your journey.

Kick off Your Journey

We will perform an initial physical assessment to identify the right training programme for you. We will also teach you the fundamentals of nutrition and how to fuel your body the right way.

Progress & Feel Amazing

We will guide you every step of your health & fitness journey, ensuring you're always on track with your goals. Just follow our tried and tested system and prepare yourself to look good, feel good, move better and feel more confident than ever!

Maintain & Go Beyond

Once we have guided you to success, we focus on maintaining it and making it sustainable. We create a long term target, so you never lose motivation again! Sky is the limit for what you can achieve so are you ready to take it to the next level?

Ready to Achieve Your Fitness Goals and Boost Your Confidence?

Take the first step on your journey towards a healthier, fitter and stronger YOU! Claim your FREE consultation and get started today!

Some of Our Amazing Clients & What They Say about Us

Milo    28 | Trader

Milo Lost 16kg and Transformed His Life in Just 12 Weeks

“Through a mixture of Conte Health & Fitness training programme, swimming, and diet discipline I have lost 16kg and reduced body fat from 26% to 13% in a three-month period. I feel much stronger and leaner than ever before and confident in my physical appearance.”

Sara   27 | Founder & artist

Sara Improved Her Quality of Movement and Lost 3 Dress Sizes

“I have been working with Julia & Sasha from Conte Health & Fitness for almost a year now and I couldn’t speak more highly of them. They've helped me reach goal after goal as my trainer and physiotherapist respectively (I've not only improved my quality of movement but have also lost over 2 stone and at least 3 dress sizes!). They are both really amazing, personable, devoted people. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Rhys    30 | director

Rhys Got Stronger, Leaner & Felt More Confident

“Sasha from Conte Health & Fitness is amazing! He simplifies health and fitness and gets straight to the point which has helped me to finally find a routine I can stick to and see fantastic results: I now feel stronger, leaner and more confident. Conte Health and Fitness have been fundamental to the overall improvement of my physical and mental health and I couldn’t but highly recommend them.”

Feel, Look & Move Better

Take the first step on your journey towards a healthier, fitter and stronger YOU! Claim your FREE consultation and get started today!

At Conte Health & Fitness we understand you are the kind of person who wants to be the best version of yourself.

In order to be that way, you need to create a healthier and sustainable routine, one that includes healthier habits so that you can lose weight, get fit, be able to maintain your results and go beyond. The challenge is all the conflicting information about what to do to get the results you want or the simple lack of motivation and guidance, which makes you feel lost, confused and frustrated.

We believe transforming your health and fitness is as simple as creating healthier and sustainable habits one step at a time. We understand you may have tried and failed in the past. That’s why our approach and unique combination of services are designed to take you through the process step by step to ensure that this time you get the results you want the right way.

Here's How It Works

We meet in person to see whether we're the right fit for each other. If we are, then we proceed with your initial physical assessment and nutrition coaching session in order to identify the best approach that will help you succeed in your journey. We build a healthy and sustainable routine and you start progressing. Once you achieve your goals, we focus on maintaining them and going beyond.

So book a free consultation today, so you can stop procrastinating on your health and fitness and start feeling amazing again.

Why Choose Us?

Imagine making 2022 the year where you transform your body, mind, confidence and life...

In just 12 weeks or less, you'll:

  • Improve your energy levels
  • Develop new healthier exercise & nutrition habits
  • Change your mindset
  • Get fitter & stronger
  • Tone up your body
  • Start achieving your goals
  • Create a more sustainable & healthier routine
  • Get more confident
  • Transform your life

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

If you are looking for a fitness solution based purely on price we may be the wrong fit for you. We believe in delivering exceptional value and the results our clients achieve speak for themselves. We have different plans and options to suit your needs & availability, so to find out how we can help you, just arrange a consultation now.

Can I get a diet/nutritional advice as I don't know what I should be eating?

Yes, you will receive all the support, guidance and accountability needed for you to succeed in your health & fitness journey.

How long before I see results?

It depends on how your body reacts to your new routine (aka your metabolism) but also on your eating habits and how frequently you exercise a week. We have clients who have lost 3 stones in 3 months, while others have taken a year. Some people need more time to adjust and for them, steady progress is best, while others are really determined and committed to stick rigidly to their training and diet plans and get results faster.

Can I book a trial session before I purchase any of your plans/programmes?

Yes, absolutely. Please be aware that trial/taster sessions are still chargeable.

Will I receive guidance and/or a written programme that I can do when I'm not training with you?

Yes, absolutely. We can design training programmes with or without equipment so that you can do them in your spare time.

How long are training sessions?

Each session is 60 minutes long.

Ready to Achieve Your Fitness Goals and Boost Your Confidence?

Take the first step on your journey towards a healthier, fitter and stronger YOU! Claim your FREE consultation and get started today!