Rehab & prehab

Are You Recovering from an Injury or Would like to Manage or Prevent Joint Pain or Lower Back Issues? We Have Solutions for You!

Be Active without Limitations

Our rehab and prehab services are perfect for anybody who wants to return to exercising and fitness after a long break, an injury or simply focus on learning quality of movement before hitting the gym hard.

Conte Health & Fitness are proud to announce their collaboration with ABPS and Head Physiotherapist Andre Bason. With over 20 years clinical experience we are able treat people from all walks of life, including professional and amateur athletes.


Recommended to people suffering from acute or chronic pain, stiffness and movement disorders affecting their quality of life. You'll experience gradual improvements in your recovery from the first treatment session.

  • Assessment & Diagnosis
  • Client Education and Therapy
  • Specific Exercise Plan for Injury Treatment
  • Rehabilitation of Identified Impairments
  • Referrals if Needed
  • Access to Luxury Health Club and Steam Room


Perfect if you want to improve trunk motor control, core strength, muscle imbalances and weakness. Learn how to manage your chronic back pain, prevent injury and improve posture, balance, coordination and body awareness.

  • Private 1:1 Pilates Sessions
  • Physiotherapy-led Pilates
  • Comprehensive Movement and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Personalised Rehabilitation Plan
  • Nutrition Consultation and Guidance Upon Request
  • Access to Luxury Health Club and Steam Room

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