How Hannah Dropped 4 Sizes and Turned into a Superwoman

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for Hannah was that she was fairly overweight leading to her feeling very unconfident and insecure about herself and that had been the case for a very long time. Hannah had tried several diets and training by herself but without much success. She had to switch tactics as soon as possible if she wanted to see those so desired changes in her body.

The Solution

In her despair, Hannah decided to hire a personal trainer and contacted Conte Health & Fitness for help. She had her initial free consultation where she discussed her goals and current fitness level and then she decided to jump on board and start her fitness journey. Since then, Hannah has been training on a one-to-one basis at least 3 times a week both in person and online/remotely which alongside her day-to-day nutrition played a key role in her losing weight promptly and consistently.

The Results

With our fitness and nutrition guidance and of course, Hannah’s hard work, consistency, and patience she has now lost over 2 stone (i.e., 15.9kg right now) and is wearing a size 10 (down by 4 sizes). What’s more, Hannah’s now finally feeling confident in herself, happy in her skin and the way she looks, and most importantly she’s stronger than ever before both physically and mentally.

“Julia helped me not only lose weight but gain confidence and a love for working out and taking care of my body. I have become stronger physically and mentally and I look forward to each and every single workout. I’m so thankful to her for showing me the correct and healthy and most important sustainable approach to fitness.”

Hannah’s Story

Hannah had always struggled with her weight but in November 2019 it had reached a peak at almost 74kg. Naturally, wearing a size 18 back then, Hannah was feeling quite heavy and sluggish given her normal weight ranged between 55-60kg once upon a time. As a result, she was quite unhappy with the way she looked as she couldn’t wear her favourite dresses and swimsuits, nor was she feeling confident about herself. What’s more, Hannah was constantly feeling tired, demotivated, and overall very low in energy which would then affect her mental health quite negatively.

“I remember wanting to start my weight loss journey after not being able to recognise myself when pictures were being taken of me on a family holiday, it all seemed so difficult, etc., and I tried starting on my own doing cardio but I had no knowledge of nutrition or anything like that.”

During these desperate times, Hannah’s main goals were:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Look better
  3. Feel better

Having tried dieting and exercising herself with very little success, it was clear that Hannah needed additional help to achieve her goals. So Hannah embarked on a journey to find someone who could assist her in this rather challenging and almost impossible for her journey. It was about time she made a change in her life, one that would make her healthier, happier and stronger.

How Conte Health & Fitness Empowered Hannah

Hannah considered several options back until she came across Conte Health & Fitness. Hannah had a free initial in-person consultation where her goals and current fitness level were discussed in detail and she was impressed with the professionalism and expertise Conte Health & Fitness offered and most importantly how her goals finally seemed achievable.

So Hannah decided to jump on board and started training with Conte Health & Fitness right after her initial consultation. Her training has been on a one-to-one basis (both in person and online) and as such it was entirely personalised around Hannah’s goals and fitness capabilities. Moreover, Hannah’s training was primarily focused on strength with additional cardiovascular activity (e.g. running, cycling or walking) which she did at least 3 times a week for her to achieve optimum results.
On top of her training, Hannah’s diet and nutrition were also taken care of which played a key role in Hannah’s weight loss journey. This was very important as until then Hannah’s diet primarily consisted of junk/unhealthy food and she was eating completely unaware of how much that was affecting her and her body.

Based on this, it was fundamental for Hannah to understand the principles behind effective nutrition and this is where Conte Health & Fitness stepped in to assist and educate Hannah about her daily caloric intake and macronutrient recommendations. Following this, Hannah adopted a calorie deficit approach to ensure she could lose the weight desired.

Fast forward 1 year and with the combination of regular consistent exercise and dieting, lots of patience and hard work, Hannah has now dropped 4 dress sizes (currently wearing a size 10) and over 15kg altogether (i.e., 15.9kg)!

“I met Julia and quite frankly she has changed and transformed my life from the very first session. She introduced me to a calorie counting weight loss plan which was foreign to me but Julia explained it to me in-depth and I quickly caught on and really enjoyed it and will stick with it for life in all aspects. The workouts have always and still are, tailored to my preferences, her knowledge in fitness and nutrition inspires me on a daily basis and I’m always learning something new.”

On top of losing the additional weight gained, however, Hannah was also after a nice and sculpted physique where a weight loss only approach would have failed. So alongside the weight and fat loss and with Conte Health & Fitness’ unconditional help and motivation, Hannah was also able to build a super strong body with more lean muscle mass and less fat leading to a great definition in her legs, back, glutes and arms.

That being said, as much as Hannah’s goals were primarily aimed at a considerable physical transformation she also realised that she had to go through a significant mindset shift if she wanted to succeed. This led Hannah to pursue a major mental transformation which is arguably even more important than the physical one and one which Conte Health & Fitness has been assisting her with every step of the way.

Whilst there is still a lot more Hannah is working on and wants to achieve, she is no longer focused on short-term goals but rather on a healthier, fitter and more balanced lifestyle. This approach alongside her fantastic results have made Hannah the happiest and strongest person she’s ever been thus far. Feeling super confident and full of energy, she is now completely unstoppable.

To many more health & fitness superpowers! If you feel you want to have a free consultation about YOUR goals, feel free to get in touch!


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